The team

‘t Feithhuis team consists of 65 people who contribute to the realisation of the ambitions and principles that we share with one another. A great part of this is that we work together on growth. As a recognised learning company, ‘t Feithhuis actively cooperates in the schooling of a young generation of fellow workers. We also pay a lot of attention to schooling and trainings. Our team is very multi-coloured, ranging from full time hospitality professionals to students who work beside their studies and enrich our team with their open views and enthusiasm.

Irrespectively from their ambitions and background, all our employees share three characteristics, namely: involvement, flexibility and a passion for hospitality services. We believe that by sharing our knowledge we can grow with our people. We put this into practice by offering our employees various trainings and tastings which are sometimes organised by themselves. Alongside, there are regular trips to suppliers in order to learn more about their products. All of the abovementioned points ensure that we give each other space to grow, to share and to have fun.

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