’t Feithhuis is the top meeting place of the City of Groningen. The interior breathes the atmosphere of a grand city. Jazz, classical, lounge or fado music can be heard at a temperate volume level and of course the clear clattering of cutlery and china. In the interior, classical is combined in a special way with the modern. ’t Feithhuis ambiance provides its guests with a real feeling of going out.

’t Feithhuis is located at the Martinikerkhof, under the shadow of the Martini Church. Up the stairs, and through the sliding doors, you can find the central hall (also popularly known as ’The Star’). Here, the whole ground floor can be overlooked in just one glance.

Lounging and reading
To the right of the entrance you can see a classical lounge with comfy leather seats. From here you have beautiful panorama of the impressive Martini Church. Past the lounge, there is a massive reading table, where you can relax and read your newspaper or magazine. The reading area is located in the front part of our restaurant.


City Café
Our City café is located to the left and is equipped with a sizeable bar counter and large tables. This is the cosiest place in Groningen. People from all walks of life come here to have drinks and snacks. City folk and students have a coffee or a glass of wine here.

You can approach our terrace garden through the Naberpassage which is situated on the east side of the Grote Markt (the Main Market Square). In the future, the Groninger Forum will rise here. Especially when the sun is shining, it is a good place to hang out, largely due to our cocktail shakers!

‘t Feithhuis upstairs
On the first floor, there are two front rooms and a function room in the back. The front rooms both have a small intimate roof terrace with a phenomenal view of the Martini Church and the Province Hall. These are part of the restaurant, both well suited for gatherings that need some discretion. The back hall is located in the back of the building and is the largest function room of ’t Feithhuis. A view of our terrace garden opens from this hall. It is a beautiful space for larger gatherings.