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1 Breakfast & brunch

Royal brunch €19,50

Like the brunch with extra smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, pate, goat cheese and chickenmayo

Feithhuis brunch €15,50

By choice: fresh orange juice, milk or buttermilk, Groninger mustardsoup, croissant, variety of bread, roastbeef, ham, cheese, jam, fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli and cereals

Breakfast Royal €9,50

fresh orange juice, milk or buttermilk, a variety of bread, ham and cheese, jam, yoghurt with muesli, omelette or fried egg 

Hangover Breakfast €9,50

omelette with cheese and bacon, a multivitamin tablet and a double espresso

A Paris €4,75

orange juice, croissant and jam or cheese

Healthy Start €6,75

orange juice, yoghurt with granola, fruit salad and honey

2 Soup and Salad

Groninger mustardsoup* €6,50

with bacon and leek

Roasted vegetables* €11,75

variety of lettuce, with goat cheese, roasted vegetables and hummus

Feithhuis chickenmayo €13,25

homemade chickenmayo with a variety of lettuce, zucchini, tomato, cucumber and mustardmayonnaise

Smoked mackerel €12,50

variety of lettuce, smoked mackerel, beetroot, apple and lemonmayonnaise

Soup of the week €6,50

weekly changing homemade soup

3 Specials

Minced beef €11,50

with nasturtium, capers, green rice, red onion and green herbs mayonnaise

Feithhuis vegaburger €11,50

homemade burger made from couscous and chickpeas served with tomato, bell pepper, vadouvanmayonnaise and fries

Feithhuis burger €13,50

with lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon, cheese, bbq-sauce and fries

Feithhuis entrecôte €16,50

with garlic butter, lettuce and fries

4 Sandwiches

Bio vegetable kroketten €8,50

with mixed salad and Marne mustard

Vegan* €6,75

hummus, roasted vegetables and tomato

Kroketten €8,50

two kroketten with Marne mustard and mixed salad

Roastbeef special €7,75

with sauce made of egg, shallots and pickles

Homemade pâté €7,50

with coleslaw and syrup of aceto balsamic

Old cheese* €5,75

with mustard-mayonnaise and spring onions

5 Club sandwiches

Salmon sandwich €11,25

toast with smoked salmon, chive-creamcheese, mixed lettuce and zucchini salad

Feithhuis vega* €9,75

toast with cheese, guacamole, tomato, hummus and mixed salad

Feithhuis club €10,50

toast with chickenmayo, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles

6 Grilled sandwiches

Roasted vegetables with goat cheese* €7,50
Chickenmayonnaise with cheese and cucumber €7,75
Mozzarella, tomato and pesto* €7,50

7 Eggs

Omelette smoked salmon €11,25

with chive creamcheese

Omelette* €9,25

with bacon and cheese

Fried eggs* €9,25

with ham, cheese or roastbeef and potato salad 

High Tea

Tea and sweets €12,50

teapot, scone with clotted cream and lemon curd and a variety of sweets (3 pc)

Royal High Tea €24,50

like the Feithhuis High Tea but with a glass of prosecco, a macaron and a bonbon

Feithhuis High Tea* €19,50

a variety of tea, pastries, mini sandwiches, vegetarian quiche, muffins and scones with jam and clotted cream

1 Starters

Onion broth €7,50

with crouton, Gruyère and chive*

Grilled tuna €11,00

with cream of pumpkin, yellow curry and tuna mousse

Tartar of prawns €9,50

with sweet-sour vegetables, spume of red beet, sorrel and puffed green rice

Tataki of beef €10,50

with pickled cucumber, pine nuts and puffed onion 

Crème brûlée and croquette of goat cheese €8,75

with smoked beetroot and truffle mayonnaise* 

Terrine of poultry and tropical fruit €9,50

with poultry-truffle dressing and pickles of pumpkin

Brioche au gratin €9,75

with Comté with shallotchutney, walnuts and spume of celeriac*

Bread platter €8,25

various types of bread and garlic bread from the oven with garlic butter and olive spread

Tasting of starters €12,50

a selection of our starters presented on one plate

2 Main courses

Tournedos €32,50

served with a sauce of port and red onion

Tasting menu €35,00

starter- and dessert tasting + main course of your choice (tournedos supplement  +7,50)

Lekkerbekje €18,50

with spume of ravigotte and coleslaw

Gnocchi €17,00

with mushrooms and sauce of black garlic and pickles of red onion*

Coquille & cod €21,50

with cream of white beans, dried bacon and lemon oil

Entrecote €19,00

with mustard- or bearnaise sauce

Duck breast €18,75

with puy lentils, smoked bacon and orange-port sauce

“Hachee” from beef €16,50

with gingerbread, gherkin, Hollandaise sauce and marinated red cabbage

Risotto €18,50

with truffle with 65°C egg, spume of parmesan, cauliflowerpickles and pumpkin*

Fish of the “wad” (catch of the day) €18,50

with fennel and sauce of lime leaf

3 Desserts

Parfait of banana €7,50

with mousse of dark chocolate, lemon curd and “kletskopjes”

Panna cotta of citrus €7,50

with grapefruit, crumble of yoghurt and pistachio ice cream

Tiramisu €8,50

with ice cream of salted caramel and orange chutney

Bread pudding €7,00

with raisins on brandy, maple-walnut ice cream and apple compôte

Chocolates €4,50

Delicious with coffee or tea (4 pieces) 


4 cheeses €11,75

served with chutney, grapes and nuts

Tasting of desserts €9,50

a selection of our desserts presented on one plate

Breakfast & Lunch

Yogurt €2,50

With fresh fruits

Croissant €1,80


Sandwich €2,75

With jam, (cream) cheese or ham

Grilled sandwich €3,75

With ham and/or cheese


Surprise icecream €3,50
Bandit plate €0,00

You are getting a plate with cutlery and you can steal some food from your parents

Dutch Mini Pancakes €4,25

With powdered sugar

Whitefish €6,50

With fries, veggies and apple sauce

Hamburger €6,50

With fries, veggies and apple sauce

2 vegetarian mini quiches* €5,75

With fries, veggies and  apple sauce

Tomato soup €3,50

Served with bread

Yogurt €2,50

With fresh fruits

Soup of the week €6,50

weekly changing homemade soup

High Tea

Kids High Tea €7,50

Unlimited lemonade or tea, vegetarian mini quiches, mini sandwiches, mini cupcakes, fresh fruits, Dutch mini pancakes and a surprise (only by reservation)